Flynn Law

How I get paid

Attorney fees tailored to today's world

I tailor the rates and fees I charge specifically to the client and their circumstances. 


I take a number of cases each year on a contingency fee basis.  Under this situation, I am compensated by an irrevocable interest, at a certain percentage, in the net proceeds that result from or are recovered whether obtained by settlement, judgment, or otherwise.  Contingency fee cases requires me to advance months and potentially years of my time as well as costs.  As a result, I carefully analyze whether to take a case on a contingency fee basis.


A high percentage of cases I handle are under a hourly fee arrangement.  I determine my hourly fee by weighing the complexity of the issues involved, the amount of time that will be necessary to represent my client, the client's objectives, and the amount in controversy, among other things.


I offer two kinds of hybrid fee arrangements if warranted.  In some cases, the client pays a small non-refundable deposit and then compensates me with a contingent fee interest in the recovery.  In other situations, I heavily discount my billable rate and receive a premium if certain objectives or financial outcomes are obtained. These premiums can either be stated as percentages of recovery or as a lump sum in the event that a specific client objective is obtained.

Fixed Fee

Some situations may be better suited for a fixed fee arrangement that provides my clients with a high degree of comfort and satisfaction.